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Sacred Fractal of Sensual Unity
With Lyrali Violet
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Lyrali will take us on a journey to Explore Consciousness through the 5 Senses with connections to Pleasure, Adoration and Unconditional Love in a Circular Temple of Co Creation. This one hour teaser playshop (Usually 90min) will open the field of deepening awareness to the 5 senses while experiencing this investigation in front of a Sacred Mirror of another Universe, as we spiral through each sense person by person, opening a field of Unified LOVE, in reverence of one other peeling back the layers of being witnessed in a discovery of the Infinite dance between each layer of consciousness we are being called to explore towards the Sensual Whole that we are. *(Touch of another will be invited but not insited, if you are overly sensitive, be sure to voice that to your Sacred Mirror in the moment.)
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