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Embracing Space Playshop
With Mary & Gabriel
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Pavilion Dance Temple
DJ & The Dancer’s EMBRACING SPACE Play-Shop: In their synergistic and always playful style, DJ Gabriel BE & Mary Dancer invite us to take advantage of the full space of the dance floor. Discover how it feels to move from ‘our’ space to other places on the dance floor - the front, the back, the middle - and to fluidly venture into the spaces between other dancers. They help us ask and answer: How can we respectfully dance the space or area AROUND other dancers? How can we engage with them without squaring off with them? How can we dance with them back to back, but not touching backs? How might we dance side by side or twirl around another? Changing levels, bending our knees, stretching sideways... Can we dance in another person’s flow or rhythm whether they are right next to you, or even across the room? How can we invite others into our dance? One more person, then another, two more until you are dancing with 5 people or expand our invitation and inclusion to 10 people or even the entire dance floor? How can we Embrace the Space between us as we hear the spaces between notes become the MUSIC we love? Bios: DJ Gabriel BE is the creator and resident DJ of Conscious Dance Sedona. He is known for mixing invigorating dance journeys with electrifying energy, immersing the participants in transformative exploration where the music becomes a guiding force of immense self-discovery, community connection, and moving meditation. Mary Dancer’s facilitation creates a welcoming and inclusive space where every dancer can feel like an integral part of the tribe. Her passion lies in stirring up the dance floor as she lovingly guides participants to let go of self-imposed limitations. Through her motivating leadership, dancers inspire and uplift each other with their unique movements, creating a dance tapestry woven with unity and creativity.
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