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Dances of Universal Peace: Participatory Music, Singing, and Dancing in Unison
With Nuriya & Daniel
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Pavilion Dance Temple
Nuriya leads & Daniel (aka MAGI) drums for Dances of Universal Peace, a practice that allows us to relate to this reality we live in together in a different way, through singing simple songs, dancing simple steps, and moving together to create Unity & Experiential Oneness! Nuriya & Daniel lead with full hearted voices and encourage people singing with them to find their full voice, use it to vibrate the sacred syllables through their bodies, and tune into the harmonic and joy of the Oneness of all life! Nuriya and Daniel (aka MAGI) also both love to sing and songwrite for One Heart Orchestra, their roots reggae band ( Additionally, Nuriya owns and stewards a community gathering space for local teachers to share their gifts and classes, called the One Heart House in Mancos, Colorado where Nuriya & Daniel lead monthly Sunday Kirtan singing and Dances of Universal Peace. (Check out for schedule)
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