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UniSound, a Music Education Retreat, happening after Unison Festival near Durango, CO

September 11-14th, 2023

Co-created by the producers of One Sound in direct collaboration with Unison Festival!

Decompress with purpose from Unison Fest in a luxurious oasis, equipped with everything you need to dive deep into your music.
Immersed in nature amongst the trees, surrounded by mutually inspired people, provided with a fully equipped music studio and classroom environment, supported by hand selected artists from Unison that we’ve found to be the most skilled facilitators in their craft.
Coming back for our second year in a row, we are cultivating an environment where we get to to immerse in music production, music business, creative process, song development, DJing, songwriting, mentorship and embodiment classes that are designed to take your artistry to a whole new octave
Classes on:
 Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Music Production Techniques: All Genres  Inspired Mentorship  Best Methods for Fluid Creation in Ableton  Creative Process of Each Facilitator  Space to Create New Music & Collabs  Song Writing & Arrangement  Peer Feedback  Sound Design & Bass Mastery  Music Industry and Business  Completing & Releasing Your Music  Recording Process  Sound Engineering  Live Performance Set Ups for all Genres  Music Making with a Purpose  DJing mentorship and hands on Practice
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