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Whether you”re a fan of chocolate, mushrooms, or just love trying new and exciting flavors, Zonkalicious has something to offer. Our mushroom infused chocolates are the perfect treat for any occasion, from a sweet indulgence to a thoughtful gift. With high-quality ingredients, ethical sourcing practices, and a commitment to delivering an unforgettable taste experience, Zonkalicious is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to explore the world of chocolate and mycology.

Celest Fest~Eclipse
Bringing the Sacred Back to Festivals
Apr 5-9, 2024
Belton, TX, 1 hour north of Austin

Let’s connect during earth’s magnificent event, coined The Great American Eclipse on 4/8/2024. Celest Fest~Eclipse is directly in the path of totality with over 4 mins viewing time, when darkness falls, and all the celestial bodies come alight.

Gather in a brave container, dancing, singing, growing, pushing edges, reuniting with nature. Heal old wounds, laugh and play, and form stronger connections with each other and Gaia.

****Just Announced… Gone Gone Beyond to Headline after the Eclipse!****

We hope to create an experience that doesn’t just last for a few days, but one that will offer an exciting and positive new trajectory in your life. An experience to fill your heart, and rituals to take back to your community.

At Guayakí, we’re about much more than just mate: we believe yerba mate culture is an invitation to life. Embodied in our mantra, COME TO LIFE is an invitation to personal, social, ecological and cultural regeneration.

At Forager Project, our mission is to make delicious, organic, plant-based foods from Nature’s finest ingredients to improve human health, as well as the health of our planet. We will always be 100% organic and plant-based because our food choices matter. Come forage with us.

We are on a mission to help you feel your very best, step into your unique power & ignite the world. Merkabody is the union of light, spirit and body. Merkabody was created for those who know there is a natural intelligence within the remedies the Earth provides. Our formulas biohack your body with integral ingredients that are just now becoming known to the collective consciousness. Merkabody’s potent biohacking remedies help release what hurts, increases Energy, Focus & Clarity and activates you to vibe at your highest frequency possible. We Believe anything introduced into your body should balance and raise the vibration of your entire being. Merkabody nourishes not just the body, but the mind and soul too.With Every Drop, Get the Best Out of Life. Get ready to raise your frequency, babes!

Essential Oil Wizardry is truly your one-stop shop for the world’s finest artisan essential oils and plant alchemy! We offer organic and wildcrafted essential oils, CO2 extracts, rare and exotic floral absolutes from all over the planet, and our own unique Wizard Alchemy Blends.

We’re dedicated to delivering sustainable, holistic, and effective lifestyle solutions for you, with the goal of spreading integrity, heart-centered passion, and worldwide health. We’re here to help you delve deep into the transformational world of plant wisdom. May you be forever botanically inspired.

Our mission is to restore health through hydration.

A tasty electrolyte drink mix that is formulated to help anyone with their electrolyte needs and is perfectly suited to folks fasting or following low-carb, whole food diets.

Rewild Organics was born of forest farmers in the mountains of Costa Rica. We believe that food is medicine for the body, mind, and spirit. Our mission? To nurture and protect the rainforest we call home by cultivating and crafting plant medicines that bring nourishment and balance to people everywhere.

Human beings, as animals, are a part of the natural world. Our species has the potential to gently enhance natural systems in favor of balance and biodiversity. As a collective of farmers, friends, and families, we are working every day to build a world in which water, soil, forests, and people are respected and cared for as members of a vibrant and diverse living community.

Yerba cha is dedicated to providing the most sustainable products to help adapt to an ever changing world.

We focus on high quality, organic ingredients. purchasing from ethical farms that specialize in low impact farming techniques. one body, one planet. sustain both with yerby.

Get ready to revolutionize your refreshment! OLIPOP isn’t just another drink – it’s the rebel yell in the face of traditional soda giants. Conceived by co-founders Ben Goodwin and David Lester, this dynamic duo dared to dream of a tastier, healthier alternative. Collaborating with global microbiome research pioneers, they’ve created a unique tonic that’s not just about flavor – it’s about feeding your gut’s microbiome. Revel in the harmony of wholesome ingredients and the richness of groundbreaking science as each sip rewards your health and your taste buds. Forget about sugar-packed shortcuts; OLIPOP is your ticket to a delicious, wellness-infused journey. Whether you’re dancing in the desert or chilling in your camp, embrace the sweet side of life without compromising your wellbeing. Welcome to the OLIPOP revolution, where each can is a celebration of life, adaptability, and above all, enjoyment.

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