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Celest Fest

Celest Fest~Eclipse
Bringing the Sacred Back to Festivals
Apr 5-9, 2024
Belton, TX, 1 hour north of Austin

Let’s connect during earth’s magnificent event, coined The Great American Eclipse on 4/8/2024. Celest Fest~Eclipse is directly in the path of totality with over 4 mins viewing time, when darkness falls, and all the celestial bodies come alight.

Gather in a brave container, dancing, singing, growing, pushing edges, reuniting with nature. Heal old wounds, laugh and play, and form stronger connections with each other and Gaia.

****Just Announced… Gone Gone Beyond to Headline after the Eclipse!****

We hope to create an experience that doesn’t just last for a few days, but one that will offer an exciting and positive new trajectory in your life. An experience to fill your heart, and rituals to take back to your community.

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