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Pura Vida For Good is a 501(c)3 non-profit and public charity which aims to spread peace and love in our local communities through development of Affordable Housing Projects focusing on Unity, Wellness, and Sustainability.

To do this, we intend to establish a land based eco-village, event center, and educational program devoted to sustainable living called

Unity Sanctuary *

Artwork Credit: Star Tribe Alliance
Artwork Credit: Star Tribe Alliance

To co-create the New Earth by embodying our Divine Nature through listening, inspired action, and service to the collective.


1. A huge percentage of the world population lives in cities. These metropolises comprise around 3% of the world’s land area, but use 80% of our total energy, producing 75% of carbon emissions.

2. Urbanization is also threatening fresh water supplies and public health around the world. The damage may be irreversible, which has drawn attention to more sustainable models of living, like eco-villages. They set an example of how to make progress without endangering the future of the planet.


1. Establish a prototype eco-village community in the Four Corners Region.

2. Our vision, as the people of the New Earth, is to live in vibrant health and harmony with ourselves, each other, our local environment, the living planet, and the cosmos by creating a sanctuary of love and unity that includes an eco-village, event center, wholistic healing center, organic farm, sustainable industries, and educational programs, with the intention of empowering more people to create more Unity Sanctuaries. We foster inner transformation as the source of outer transformation. We empower people to discover their own divine heart center and unique gifts, along with the skills to express their purpose in the world, creating a self-perpetuating reality rooted in authenticity and service to the greater good. We envision a world where everyone can be in unity with themselves, their loved ones, and Mother Nature.


Building Sustainable Community – Environmentally, Socially, Emotionally, Economically

Belief in Limitless Potential – Individually and Collectively: supporting group and individual projects

Commitment to Conscious Living – Compassionate Communication, Cooperation, Collectively Oriented

All Perspectives are Important – Incorporating empathy, equality, diversity, commitment to understanding each other, and collective vision formation

Commitment to Personal Responsibility, Accountability, and Safety

Respect and Reverence in all Relationships – to Self, Others, the Land, the Ancestors, and Nature

Community Components


  • 10-700 acre property
  • Utilize natural building techniques & renewable energy
  • Practice participative democracy
  • Work together as well as live together

Community Events

  • Resident Potlucks & Celebrations
  • Farm to Table Dinners
  • Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Movement Arts, Music
  • Transformational oriented Retreats & Workshops
  • Educational Internships on Community Creation
  • Annual Festival

Organic Farm

  • Includes production for community residents
  • Market Garden
  • Hemp production for sale of cbd and fiber

Wholistic Healing Center

  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Plant Medicine Ceremony
Capital Procurement
  • Pura Vida For Good is raising capital with High Vibe Festivals
  • Investor Outreach – We are looking for earth conscious investors looking to make a return on their capital while being part of an exciting, positive project for our community
  • Sponsorship Program – Please see our Sponsorships page for opportunities to support Unison Festival and this vision, as well as reap direct benefits for your business.
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