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Swayló’s unique productions incorporate elements of tech house, deep house, world music, tribal rhythms, trap, hyphy hip-hop instrumentals, and organic instrumentation. Swayló creates his productions using classic retro samples from acid synths and Roland keyboards merged with drums from all over the world including timbales, Caribbean steel drums, and the African Djembe. Basslines are then created using the 808 emulation synths and the Roland Juno 60. He then merges in world instruments such as the Turkish Baglama, African Kalimbas, the Dulcimer, and traditional flamenco guitars. Drawing from the global sounds of Africa, the Middle East, The Tropics, Far East India, Brazil, the Southeast, and Latin America, Swayló helps spread the word that nature is magical. Over the course of just a few years, Swayló has brought his musical talents to the stages of New Orleans’ Voodoo Music & Arts Experience, Sundance Film Festival, and Spring Awakening while supporting renowned acts such as Zhu and Nora En Pure. Swayló brings his listeners on an auditory adventure into the underworld, through a dream state, and back to their center. The result is music that is designed to purify, regenerate, and heal.

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